Fraud Detection

Staying ahead of global fraud is a never-ending battle. As the market for electronic payments grows so does the potential for damaging fraud attacks. Innovation in payments competes with innovation among fraudsters who continuously update their methods to maximize their profits.

Fraud is now an international business and criminal gangs constantly seek out the weakest targets for the easiest returns.

With the challenge of protecting themselves from the changing fraud threats, banks, processors and retailers are looking for solutions that efficiently detect fraud, without a major impact on legitimate customer activity and that can adapt quickly to new fraud patterns. Covering both the Acquiring market (whether a bank, a PSP or a merchant) and the Issuer market, Fractals from Alaric, an NCR business, can deliver fraud detection and prevention for credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid cards and current or checking accounts, for transactions from any channel from ATM and POS to internet and mobile banking – all while remaining incredibly user friendly and agile.


The Goldilocks branch

Thinking about the story of Goldilocks, where she wanted to find the perfect size–neither too big, nor too small, really resonates with me and the buzz in our industry. Citigroup has launched a massive new flagship branch in San Francisco at around 6,400 square feet and the bank is rol...

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NCR APTRA Connections to Expand Features for Personalized ATM Transactions

New features include life insurance loan and payment, charity donation, auction payment and QR Code integration TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Dec 23, 2014- NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today announced that it continues to provide Cathay United Bank...

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Did you know?

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