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More transactions, across more channels. That’s what impacts your bottom line. And your customers? They’re getting pickier, demanding speed, ease and relevance wherever they go. Your hardware, software and services should work together perfectly, so people can interact with you the way they want.

As the world’s #1 supplier of ATMs and banking technology, we’re well equipped to help. But we don’t just provide the equipment. We lead across industries, and we’re always ready to share what we learn about customer trends from one corner of the market to the next. Plus, our ATM and branch transformation solutions are the only ones endorsed by the American Bankers Association. That’s expertise you can trust.

For 28 consecutive years, NCR has been the number-one provider of ATMs worldwide with nearly 790,000 units installed—and 13,000 service professionals in 180 countries to support them. We also feature the largest line of branch transformation hardware, secure gateways for mobile and online banking, and software that gives you valuable data about your customers’ transactions.

All NCR financial solutions are carefully engineered to help you work more efficiently and better meet—and even predict—customer preferences. Start learning more by exploring one of our solution categories below.

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The Goldilocks branch

Thinking about the story of Goldilocks, where she wanted to find the perfect size–neither too big, nor too small, really resonates with me and the buzz in our industry. Citigroup has launched a massive new flagship branch in San Francisco at around 6,400 square feet and the bank is rol...

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NCR APTRA Connections to Expand Features for Personalized ATM Transactions

New features include life insurance loan and payment, charity donation, auction payment and QR Code integration TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Dec 23, 2014- NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today announced that it continues to provide Cathay United Bank...

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More than 12 million customers manage their finances via NCR’s digital banking solutions.